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Altitude Denver Graphics is a freelance company in Denver, CO committed to bringing you the best designs for your life. The company was founded in 2016, however I have been a graphic designer for over 20 years now and specialize in branding, website design, stationary needs, custom art, photography, videography, and digital advertising. Businesses crave creativity, and getting to the bottom line of what makes you stick out from the rest of the world is our main goal.​


Through a process of critical thinking, we will go over many elements of your already established business, or what you are looking to do with an upstart. I also love to do custom graphic design work including double exposure posters, movie size posters for families, and a variety of other services. Please take a look at the design process below, then look over the services page to decide on what you are really looking for. Thanks and I look forward to working with you!




The first step in any design is to sit down and figure out exactly what it is you're looking for. Through professional questioning and brainstorming together, we will discuss what your needs are and decide if working together is the right thing to do for all parties.



The second step in the process is to come to an agreement. This includes the budget, time to complete, and any other factors including going over that time or ending the project early if progress has not been made sufficiently.


This is the fun part of it all, where we create your brand, logo, art, or website. This part of the process is usually pretty straight forward and will include a few variations if it is a logo to decide on later, as well as looking at colors for brand standards. Once this process is complete, we will move on to revisions.



In this part of the five part process, we revise any material that has been made. This includes editing wording, changing colors slightly to perfectly match your vision, and other details on a website. Once these are complete we will finalize.



In the end it is my hope that you will have a superior product delivered to you that you are pleased with. It is always very fulfilling to come to the end of a project and be ecstatic about the results and the creative process endured. This is where we will also finalize payment and hand over any and all materials that have been made.

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